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Let Kevo help you start making more money

Our builder program is an opportunity for a long term partnership. We understand at the core that we are all in this business to make money, and this program is designed to help us do that. We truly stand by everything we say and will provide you with a service that far exceeds your expectations. If it doesn’t, FIRE US!

We spent a full year studying how and what other companies and “teams” do for builders and for new construction homes. After shopping open houses, talking to others in the industry, and getting feedback from our current builders, we were able to come up with the Kevo Properties Builder Program. Here is what the program offers:

  • Day to day contracts. You are not locked in with us for any period of time. Try it out risk free.
  • We will provide a sales staff for you every weekend. We will not just unlock the door and keep it open. You will have an agent selling your product at all times. We currently have spent months training 30 REALTORS® on new construction. They know the entire process from development, to acquiring the lot/permits/etc., all the way to the different ways builders build a house on the lot.
  • We also train on new construction contracts and open houses. It is vital to know how important pricing is, know how builders work together in subdivisions, and know how to keep a development thriving.
  • To go even further, we WILL NOT let any agent sit your house if they have not properly studied everything about your product and have studied the market area where the house sits. This means they not only learn your product, but they preview all the other homes in the subdivision and study every aspect that makes your product different from the others.
  • We will custom market directly to your homes. We are working on ways to specialize this to each builder and make it something no other company is able to do. We also pay for your pictures, as it should be with any real estate company working for you.

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