Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kevo Properties charge agents monthly brokerage fees?

No. Our brokerage only gets paid when you get paid. That’s the way it should be.  This also incentivizes Kevo to create top 10% REALTORS via our unprecedented training systems.


Why would I choose Kevo Properties when I can join a brokerage that gives me 100% commission on sales?

Brokerages offering 100% commission on sales are notorious for charging monthly fees and having no training programs.  Agents on average sell 3 homes per year and make 100% on those sales.  Kevo has no monthly fees and will train you to sell 20-30 homes annually.  Would you rather make 100% on 3 home sales or 80% on 25 home sales?

Every brokerage tells me they have great training, but they never follow through. How will Kevo be any different?
Look at our website and compare to literally any other brokerage website.  You tell us who is more committed to new and part-time agents than we are!


How do you think I should choose a brokerage?
Choose the brokerage that has multiple one-on-one, group, zoom, and online trainings designed specifically for new agents.  Choose the brokerage that will commit to taking you out in the field and will show you the ropes.  Choose the brokerage that was founded with the sole purpose of elevating training for brand new agents.  Choose the brokerage that has written books on the subject. Choose the brokerage that will sit down with you and design a tailored plan of action for you to achieve your unique goals.  You will quickly find that we have little (if any) competition in this arena.


What type(s) of training does Kevo offer?

We pride ourselves on offering live group training, one-on-one check-ins, weekly zoom trainings, and access to a treasure trove of videos via our online video vault!


What is a reasonable yearly income goal for a new agent who is totally committed to Kevo’s formula for success?

Anyone capable of following simple daily procedures with consistency can expect to become a six-figure real estate agent in 12-18 months. This will depend on if you are a full-time or a part-time agent.


What are the key things to look for when choosing the best brokerage?

A brokerage that can clearly articulate a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly plan for you to achieve your unique goals.


Why do 87% of new agents fail in just 24 months?

Agents often choose a big box, corporate brokerage that promises training but ultimately gives you a manual and throws you to the wolves with no real mentorship.


Does Kevo provide 1-on-1 training?

Yes — The best way for us to truly serve our people is to have a tailored roadmap for each Kevo agent, based on what success looks like for that specific person.


Does Kevo provide hands on, in the field training?

Yes — there is no better way for you to learn what it takes to become a top 10% real estate agent!


How many agents have you successfully taken through the Kevo protocol?



What other topics does Kevo offer trainings on?

We regularly host live and online trainings covering long-term investing, house flipping, foundational principles of success, and much MORE!

Does Kevo provide its agents with leads?

Other brokerages promise leads in order to lure agents to their offices.  Kevo will first focus on training you to source your own leads, as you cannot hope to last in this business if you cannot self-generate. Kevo agents who are consistent and serious about their training will be plugged into the Kevo lead generation system once you have proven you understand how to get leads on your own! We do it this way because we actually care about you!


Once I follow Kevo’s protocol for success and become a top 10% REALTOR, do I have to leave the brokerage?

Absolutely not.  The goal at Kevo Properties is to train our agents from Day 1 to Day Done (retirement).  We have the tools, personnel, systems, and contacts to make your dream a reality!


Does Kevo offer agents opportunities to move up the ladder or even become a broker themselves?

Yes.  At Kevo, we are a work family and we all want success for one another.  We design a complete roadmap for our agents, regardless of their goals and even have a Broker’s training program in case you ever decide it’s time to run your own brokerage. We will be your biggest supporter and biggest fan!

What are some of Kevo’s accolades over the past 14 years?

Kevo was named one of the top places to work in OKC in 2017 and quickly became the largest independent brokerage in the state.  We are big enough to have status but still small enough to care!

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